7 Best Super Bowl Betting Sites | Online Sportsbooks in 2024

Ready to bet on the Super Bowl? Cut through the noise with our guide on where and how to place your Super Bowl betting. Gain clarity on odds, strategies, and legalities without the fluff and score your betting edge for Super Bowl.

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Key Takeaways

  • When betting on Super Bowl, notable sportsbooks recommended include BetUS, Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline, BetNow, SportsBetting, EveryGame, and Xbet, each providing a unique array of betting options, bonuses, and user experiences, with an emphasis on competitive odds and live betting opportunities.
  • Super Bowl betting encompasses a variety of wager types such as point spreads, OVER/UNDER totals, and prop bets, alongside strategies for live betting and an understanding of American, decimal, and fractional odds to navigate potential payouts.
  • The legal landscape for online Super Bowl betting is evolving, with a growing number of U.S. states and Canadian provinces legalizing the activity, contributing to an anticipated $23 billion in bets for Super Bowl; bettors should be cautious of blacklisted sportsbooks and adhere to state-specific betting age requirements.

Top Sportsbooks for Super Bowl Betting in 2024

When it comes to Super Bowl betting, not all sportsbooks are created equal. The recommended platforms for Super Bowl betting include:

  • BetUS
  • Bovada
  • MyBookie
  • BetOnline
  • BetNow
  • SportsBetting
  • EveryGame
  • Xbet

These sportsbooks stand out with their competitive odds, best football betting apps, and extensive live betting options, offering an exceptional betting experience in various betting markets.

This review is specifically curated for Super Bowl betting, catering to those engaging in wagering activities for the 2024 Super Bowl. Bear in mind that any sportsbooks not listed in this guide have been intentionally left out to focus solely on the best betting sites for the Super Bowl.


BetUS shines in the Las Vegas Super Bowl betting scene with a range of betting options, including prop bets, game odds, and live betting. These options cater to a diverse range of bettors, allowing everyone from novices to seasoned bettors to engage in the action.

Adding to the excitement, BetUS offers a variety of Super Bowl promotions such as a considerable sign-up bonus, reload bonuses, and contests with big prizes.

The user-friendly interface coupled with expert analysis available in the sportsbook’s podcast and video content provides bettors with a complete package for their Super Bowl betting endeavor.


Bovada sets itself apart with its sleek design and user-friendly interface, making it easy for bettors to navigate and place bets on the Super Bowl. The platform offers a wide array of betting odds for the Super Bowl, accommodating both novice and experienced bettors with different risk appetites.

Bovada has favorable limits for Super Bowl betting, catering to both low-stake and high-stake wagerers. To top it off, the platform offers various bonuses and promotions, including sign-up bonuses and rewards for loyal customers during the Super Bowl season.


MyBookie excels in the realm of Super Bowl-specific promotions. It offers large sign-up bonuses and reload bonuses to attract bettors. Adding to the excitement, bettors can also take advantage of special Super Bowl contests and squares, further enhancing the betting experience.

The platform offers:

  • Live betting capabilities
  • User-friendly mobile platform
  • Competitive odds, especially for the Super Bowl
  • An extensive range of Super Bowl prop bets

MyBookie is an attractive option for those looking to maximize potential returns and entertainment value.


BetOnline is known for its easily navigable website and intuitive betting interface, simplifying the process for users to place bets on the Super Bowl. The platform’s mobile betting capabilities allow users to bet on the go during the Super Bowl, ensuring no opportunity to wager is missed.

BetOnline offers competitive odds for the Super Bowl, leading to potentially better payouts for winning bets. A wide range of Super Bowl betting options is available here, including prop bets, futures, and in-play betting. To attract Super Bowl bettors, BetOnline rolls out lucrative bonuses and promotions, such as enhanced odds and special parlay offers.


BetNow stands out by providing a tailored betting experience for the Super Bowl, using proprietary software. From exotic bets to prop bets, the platform offers an extensive variety of betting options for the Super Bowl.

BetNow features:

  • Competitive odds, aiming to provide added value for bettors
  • High betting limits during the Super Bowl, catering to both casual fans and high rollers
  • Exclusive promotions that add extra value to Super Bowl wagers

This makes BetNow a versatile platform for all types of bettors.


SportsBetting ag offers unique bonuses specifically for Super Bowl betting, such as a Super Bowl Free Bet promo. Besides the exciting promotions, the platform is known for its early line releases, giving bettors a timely advantage.

SportsBetting ag provides a wide range of Super Bowl betting variants, including moneylines, point spreads, and totals. The live betting interface is optimized for Super Bowl events and sports gambling, ensuring a smooth user experience.


EveryGame offers a comprehensive range of Super Bowl betting options, including:

  • Spreads
  • Totals
  • Moneylines
  • Prop bets
  • Live betting

This provides a diverse betting experience for Super Bowl events, especially on Super Bowl Sunday.

Bettors can place wagers from different devices with EveryGame’s user-friendly mobile interface, ensuring seamless betting on the go. The platform’s Super Bowl promotions include competitive bonuses specifically designed to attract and engage Super Bowl bettors.

Regular bettors at EveryGame also benefit from loyalty programs that offer exclusive perks, enhancing the betting experience for VIP members. According to the American Gaming Association, these programs are a key aspect of the industry’s success.


Xbet offers a variety of specials tailored for Super Bowl bettors to enhance their betting experience for the big game. These specials include exclusive bonuses such as deposit matches and free bets specifically available for the Super Bowl.

Xbet’s platform also provides advanced betting features such as prop bet builders and live betting interfaces to cater to Super Bowl wagers. These deals and features significantly contribute to bettors’ efforts to maximize their returns and engagement during the Super Bowl.

Understanding Super Bowl Betting Types

Super Bowl betting offers numerous ways to get in on the action. For instance, the Super Bowl point spread sets a margin of victory where the favorite team covers by winning by more points than the spread, and the underdog covers by losing by fewer points than the spread or winning outright.

Super Bowl totals or OVER/UNDER bets are wagers on whether the combined score of both teams will be over or under a value set by the sportsbook. Prop bets allow Super Bowl bettors to wager on various occurrences or non-occurrences, including team performance, specific game events, individual player achievements, and even off-the-field entertainment-related events.

Some common types of bets in sports betting include:

  • Parlay bets: combine multiple selections into a single wager, offering a higher payout but requiring all conditions to be met.
  • Futures bets: placed on outcomes occurring later in the season, such as predicting the Super Bowl champion.
  • Moneyline bets: straightforward wagers on which team will win the Super Bowl, regardless of the score margin or point spread.

Tips for Successful Super Bowl Betting

Crafting a comprehensive betting plan is key to successful Super Bowl betting. This involves analyzing teams and players’ performances, season statistics, recent performances, injuries, matchups, and understanding how odds and lines work to guide strategic bets. Adopting smart betting practices is also essential, such as establishing a dedicated bankroll, managing it wisely, setting betting limits, and maintaining discipline to avoid over-betting or chasing losses.

Leveraging betting opportunities by incorporating advanced metrics, evaluating prop bets with informed insight, and watching for line movements can also enhance your betting success. Lastly, always choose a reputable sportsbook with good odds and smooth transactions, and engage in responsible betting by ignoring misleading historical trends and staying informed with the latest game developments.

Analyzing Super Bowl Odds

Understanding how to analyze Super Bowl odds is invaluable when it comes to placing successful bets. American odds, for example, are denoted by a minus sign for favorites, indicating how much must be bet to win $100, and a plus sign for underdogs, showing the profit on a $100 wager.

Decimal odds convey the total return for each dollar wagered, so a bet at odds of 4.0 would yield a $3 profit for each $1 bet besides the return of the original stake. Fractional odds are represented as a fraction, where a bet at odds of 3/1 would yield a $3 profit for every $1 bet, in addition to returning the original stake.

To calculate potential winnings on a favorite moneyline bet, divide 100 by the favorite’s odds and then multiply by the original wager, while underdog winnings use the inverse of the favorite’s calculation. Moneyline odds calculations show that a favorite at -180 requires a $180 bet to win $100, while a +140 underdog means a $100 bet could return $240.

A moneyline bet’s payout is fixed based on the betting line odds at the time of the bet, ensuring that the return does not change even if the odds do. A betting odds calculator can assist bettors in determining their potential winnings based on the given odds and the amount wagered, simplifying the calculation process.

Strategies for Live Betting During the Super Bowl

Live betting during the Super Bowl allows bettors to place wagers in real-time on aspects like specific quarters or individual drives, and once a live wager is placed, the odds for that bet are locked in regardless of subsequent odds changes.

Strategies for live betting include:

  • Timing bets after slow game starts for potential under bets
  • Making player prop bets based on team strategies such as focusing on rushing attempts or receptions in key situations
  • Considering the historical scoring patterns of the Super Bowl

Bettors should not be overly enticed by plus money odds, as they don’t always offer the best value compared to other betting options, and maintaining a discerning approach can enhance live betting success.

It’s imperative to establish a budget before diving into live betting and keep an eye out for promotions like BetOnline’s $50 Risk-Free Live Bet, which offers a refund in bonus funds if your first live bet doesn’t win.

The legal landscape of online Super Bowl betting in the US and Canada has evolved significantly over the years. In the U.S., the Supreme Court struck down a nationwide ban on sports betting in 2018, allowing states to legalize sports betting, with Vermont being one of the most recent states to authorize it. Since its legalization, sports betting has been adopted in a majority of U.S. states, generating over $4.3 billion in tax revenue, though it’s regulated differently in each state with some implementing restrictions on certain sports or requiring in-person registration.

In Canada, the federal ban on single-game sports betting was repealed on August 27, 2021, consequently allowing bettors to engage in legal online sports betting across various markets. Numerous Canadian provinces and territories, including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and others, provide legal single-game sports betting both online and in retail settings, with some regions yet to establish fully online betting.

Super Bowl Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Sportsbooks offer a range of bonuses such as:

  • First bet matches
  • Deposit matches
  • Bonus bet offers
  • Risk-free bets

These bonuses and promotions often come with specific conditions, such as rollover requirements, and generally have an expiration period that can range from 7 to 30 days after being credited.

New registrants have access to various sign-up bonuses like Bet $5 and Get $150 in bonus bets, up to $1,000 First Bet, Bet $5 to Win $200, and a $500 2nd Chance Bet. Existing users are also catered for, with sportsbooks like BetUS and Bovada offering all-user promos.

Super Bowl Betting Rules and Regulations

Super Bowl betting comes with its own set of rules and regulations that bettors must adhere to. Here are some important things to know:

  • The legal sports betting age varies by state, with most requiring bettors to be at least 21 years old, while a few allow those who are at least 18.
  • Certain online sportsbooks such as Bovada and BetOnline set their sports betting age requirement at 18 but require users to comply with their state’s legal age.
  • States like Kentucky, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., and Wyoming accept sports wagers from bettors over the age of 18.

Keep in mind that sports betting, even for the Super Bowl, is prohibited in certain states like California, where propositions to legalize it have been rejected by voters. Similarly, Missouri, despite being the home of the Kansas City Chiefs, does not permit legal betting on sports, including the Super Bowl. States with legal sports betting have regulatory bodies, such as Nevada’s Gaming Control Board and New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement, to set and enforce sports wagering rules. Underage sports betting can lead to heavy fines, a permanent ban from sportsbooks, and the forfeiture of all winnings. To prevent underage betting, online sportsbooks require legal documentation for age verification, mirroring the process of land-based sportsbooks.

The Growth of Super Bowl Betting

The growth of Super Bowl betting is nothing short of remarkable. Americans are expected to spend a record-setting amount on bets for this year’s Super Bowl with an anticipated $23 billion to be wagered on Super Bowl, reflecting a significant surge from $16 billion the previous year.

The number of U.S. adults betting on the Super Bowl has increased by over 40% from the previous year, with 28.7 million adults intending to place online wagers using legal U.S. sportsbooks. The expansion of legal sports betting to 38 states, including Washington, D.C., has significantly contributed to the increase in traditional Super Bowl wagers.

With regulated sports betting in the U.S. rapidly turning into a multibillion-dollar industry, analysts predict that every Super Bowl for the next decade, featuring potential super bowl champions, could set new betting records.

Avoiding Blacklisted Super Bowl Betting Sites

Despite the thrill of Super Bowl betting, it’s vital to stay vigilant of blacklisted sportsbooks. These often have issues with:

  • delayed payouts or non-payment, leading to a negative experience for bettors
  • difficulties in withdrawal procedures
  • limited options for withdrawing winnings

These are common problems encountered by bettors using blacklisted sportsbooks.

Poor customer service, including unresponsive support and unresolved player complaints, is a hallmark of blacklisted betting sites. Voiding winning bets without valid reasons, changing odds post-bet without notification, and non-transparent betting limits indicate potentially blacklisted sportsbooks. These sites may be recognized by their unfair practices, such as limiting or banning successful bettors without justification.

For a secure and reliable betting experience, stick to reputable sportsbooks that ensure secure transactions and data protection, underpinned by a valid license from a legitimate authority. Be on the lookout for signs of poor user experience and questionable tactics such as delayed withdrawals and nonresponsive customer service.


In conclusion, Super Bowl betting presents an exciting opportunity for sports enthusiasts to engage in one of the most anticipated events of the year. By understanding the ins and outs of Super Bowl betting, from selecting the right sportsbook to understanding betting types and odds, you can enhance your betting experience and potentially your returns.

As Super Bowl approaches, remember to craft a comprehensive betting plan, understand the legal landscape of betting in your area, and always bet responsibly. With the right tools and information, you can join the millions of Americans in the thrilling experience of Super Bowl betting. Happy wagering!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bet on the Super Bowl?

To bet on the Super Bowl, you should choose a legal online sportsbook, know the rules, create an account, add money, decide what to bet on, choose your stakes, place your bet, and withdraw any winnings. Good luck!

Who is favored in Super Bowl?

The 49ers are favored to win the Super Bowl, according to the latest odds and betting trends.

How to bet on Taylor Swift Super Bowl?

You can’t bet directly on Taylor Swift for the Super Bowl, but you can create a fun prop betting game using special Taylor Swift-themed prop bets with your friends or family at your Super Bowl gathering.

What are the top sportsbooks for Super Bowl betting in 2024?

You can consider using BetUS, Bovada, MyBookie, BetOnline, BetNow, SportsBetting, EveryGame, and Xbet for your Super Bowl betting in 2024. These are some of the top sportsbooks for this event.

What are some types of bets I can place on the Super Bowl?

You can place various bets on the Super Bowl, such as point spreads, totals, prop bets, parlays, and moneyline bets. Enjoy the diverse betting options available for the game.